Sam Mitchell
Sam Mitchell


Bachelors Degree: University of Tulsa

Master Degree: University of Missouri Kansas City

NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

PN1 - Nutrition Coach

CF - Level 1

CPR/AED Certified

Head Coach

Sam Mitchell

About Coach

My fitness journey started as a way to increase my performance as an athlete. I was a pretty skinny teenager and needed to put on some weight if I wanted to have a chance to play basketball in high school and beyond. I worked hard in the weight room and in the kitchen to do everything I could to make that dream a reality. This was the initial spark that grew into my passion for health and fitness.

Turning Point

After I finished college and was no longer spending long hours training on the basketball court and running sprints I transitioned to working a corporate IT job. My poor posture at my computer and the poor training program I built myself wreaked havoc on my body. I was in pain constantly and basically had to stop training altogether. My "workouts" consisted of sitting in the sauna at lunch and stretching. I was really struggling not being able to work out like I wanted to. I decided the best thing I could do was learn more about human mechanics and exercise science. I did a self-study personal training certification in my free time without knowing where it would lead me. A few months later I was offered a position to go back to school and work as a graduate assistant in the UMKC Athlete Strength and Conditioning department.

That was over 10 years ago. A couple of certifications, some weekend courses, and lots of hours of continuing education credits later and I'm happy to say I'm still passionate about health and fitness. After multiple positions at several local gyms, I found my way to Nexus where I have been since 2017. In 2022 my wife Jess and I took over as owners.

Motivation & Passion

My passion is helping others build confidence, feel better, and live fuller lives through exercise, strength training, and healthy habits.

My daughter Thea and wife Jess are the coolest people I know. When I'm not spending time with them my hobbies include cooking and eating, woodworking, reading, and watching sports or TV shows.